Put your organisation in the spotlight and sponsor a product/event at NES Africa Group’s Events!

Sponsorship Registration

  • Terms and Conditions

    Please agree to our terms and conditions to proceed and submit the sponsorship form.
  • 1. Payment Policy

    - After confirmation of the sponsorship booking an invoice for a 50% deposit of the agreed amount will be sent for immediate payment on receipt of invoice.

    - Payment of the remaining 50% will be payable one (1) week to the event.

    - Any new bookings received on day of event, will be liable for 100% of the invoice cost – immediately payable on receipt of invoice.

    - Arrangements with regards to the sponsorship package logistics will only start once deposit payments have been made and cleared through the bank.

    - All payments are to be done in South African Rands.

    - Payments can be done via EFT and Bank Deposit.

    - Note: should payment not be received by the due dates, the Conference Office retains the right to release and resell the sponsorship package.

    2. Cancellation Policy

    - The sponsorship deposit payment of 50% is non-refundable.

    - Cancellations of sponsorship will still be accepted one (1) week before the event.

    - Full sponsorship cancellation fees will be applicable two (2) weeks after the event.

    - Please forward all cancellations by emailing us at: accounts@nesconsulting.co.za

    3. Liability Insurance

    - Equipment and all related display materials installed by Sponsors are not insured by the Organiser, and the Organiser under no circumstances will be liable for any loss, damage or destruction caused to equipment, goods or property belonging to Sponsors.

    - The Sponsor agrees to be responsible for his property and person and for the property and persons of his employees and agents and for any third party who may visit his space.

    - The Sponsor shall hold harmless the Organiser from any and all damages/claims including those usually covered by a fire and extended – coverage policy.

    - The Sponsor will purchase the relevant Public Liability and other insurance policies.

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