NES Africa Group is a premier destination for both junior to talented candidates, committed to recruiting and developing top tier candidates. We connect professionals to accelerate the success of both candidate and client.

We pride ourselves on connecting clients with the most seasoned management talent in a diverse range of industries with the main focus being; Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology and Engineering. Our Staff consists of experienced professionals, and with strong expertise comes understanding of our clients’ needs and strategic issues. We know how to find the best people for hard to fill jobs.

We are experts in specialised recruitment and talent management; a unique blend in the market. Our unrivalled scope of services coupled with our African continent capability and local touch are what drive highly qualified professionals across Africa to come to us for their next big career challenge. We believe people are the key element in our clients success and we strive for both client and candidate satisfaction.

We are not only partners to our clients, but also our candidates. Our unique and specific offering that combines recruitment and talent management solutions make us experts in executive mobility. We are committed to leadership development and we assist candidates with each phase of their career. We understand that recruitment isn’t only about securing your next job; it’s about helping you to develop your full career potential.

“If it sounds like NES Africa Group finds great people that deliver great performance, it’s because we do”.

Background Checks & Psychometric Testing

All Background Checks and Psychometric Testing are carried out at a fee through an approved screening or testing Company at the request of our client.


We do offer qualification checks on our candidates to ensure our clients make an informed decision when hiring.



We do offer criminal record checks on our candidates to our clients, which are legally required in South Africa.



We offer ID verification. Check and verify that a specified ID number and passport number is valid and belongs to the correct person.



We are able to provide psychometric testing of our candidates on behalf of our clients through an approved testing company.


People are essential to the success of any organisation..

Without employing highly qualified professionals who seamlessly fit your organisation and culture, you can’t move forward delivering the results your clients desire and your investors expect and demand. We can help!!